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Jaime and Robert Mullard

Jaime and Rob met in a sunny beer garden in Solihull and married last summer in a fairytale wedding in Sutton Coldfield. Jaime shares her thoughts and supplier information with Your Wedding.

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Zoe and David Bennett

As you can see from the photographs Zoe and David’s wedding was a lot of fun and so original. Here, Zoe shares her wedding supplier information and top tips…

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Dan and Marie

"Dan took me away to Bath for the weekend and proposed before taking me out for a romantic dinner. It was a total shock!"

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Ross and Lucy McWhirter

"We loved our personal ceremony conducted by our very good friend Chris - including a poem written by my 99 year old Grandpa and surprising the girls with a couple of VW campervans to get us to the hall."

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Christopher and Carla Reynolds

"Plan everything! Lots of support from family and friends also helps, but my main advice is certainly to plan ahead and you’ll definitely have the best day of your life."

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Thomas and Samantha Clarkson

Tom and I had been part of the same friendship group for many years before we got together, so we already knew each other well.

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Mark and Nina Dolan

Nina and Mark first met back in middle school 27 years ago. Although they went through middle & high school together, they lost touch when they were sixteen.

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