Wedding Shoes

4 years ago


1. First Things First
Brides are often surprised to hear that ideally one of the first purchases they should make are their wedding shoes. Why? Well, if you’re going to be wearing a long dress, one of the most important measurements is the length of the dress whilst wearing your shoes. Your dress needs to fall perfectly to the floor and if you decide to wear five inch stilettos instead of the two inch kitten heels you were measured in while having your dress fittings, you will probably be left with a dress that looks too short. So a good tip is to get your shoes in plenty of time for your dress fittings.

2. Comfort Counts
If you ask anyone who’s been married; one of the first things they’ll tell you is it quite exhausting as you are literally on your feet all day. Your shoes will also probably be brand new which is an open invitation for blisters and tired arches. No-one wants to see a hobbling bride (least of all you!) so don’t make the mistake of buying cheap shoes that lack the padding and the extra support that most good bridal shoes have built into them. Buy wisely for happy feet.

3. Material Girl
Like your dress, your shoe material is a matter of preference. Silk and satin are traditionally the two most popular choices for wedding shoes, but anything goes. You may go for leather or patent leather with crystal sparkles or even flower details on them. You may opt for ballet shoes, sky high platforms or scrappy sandals… anything goes. However, while everything else in your wedding needs to kind of match and run with a theme, your shoes don’t. You may have a very traditional, plain dress and totally blingy shoes. Your shoes can totally make a statement.

4. Consider the Colour
Remember most wedding dresses aren’t pure white (they are normally a shade of ivory). So don’t buy pure white shoes as they will just make your dress look grubby in comparison. If you can’t find the exact perfect colour of shoe it’s easy to have them dyed to match your dress. Just make sure you leave enough time. However, the 2016 wedding catwalk shows were loving traditional wedding dresses with scarlet red wedding shoes underneath. Perhaps your shoes will match your scarlet nails, ruby red lipstick, red roses and the rest of your wedding colour scheme.

5. Killer or Kitten Heels
Our advice is to stick wth what you’re used to. We all have friends that could probably run the 100 meter hurdles in their 6 inch stilettos but if that’s not you, don’t think you’ll be able to survive all day in killer heels. Now is not the time to experiment. If you do want some height; there are some amazing bridal platform heel ranges nowadays. Or if you’re not worried about height, satin ballet slippers are always a firm bridal favourite.

6. Consider Your Setting
If you’re getting married on the beach then obviously beach sandals or funky flip-flops may work perfectly. Or if you’re getting married on the ski-slopes, white faux fur boots could make a real statement. Think through your location and where you’ll be walking. For example if your reception is in a marquee and you have opted to go without the hard flooring, it can be a little difficult to walk on marquee carpet which is laid directly on grass. Therefore you may want a second pair of wedge like wedding shoes the same height as your actual wedding shoes for when you do the rounds, greeting each table etc.

7. Fifty Shades of White
There are so many shades of white, ivory and cream so always get a swatch of your wedding dress to compare the shade while shoe shopping.

8. Dancing Queen
One of the main highlights of your wedding day is your first dance together as man and wife; so it’s a good idea to practise your moves wearing your wedding shoes. Remember you’ll also probably have had a few glasses of champagne by the time your first dance comes round so if you need to, get a second pair of ballet slippers or something you can easily dance in and slip into them just before you bust your moves on the dance floor.

9. Wear Them Again
Most brides keep their wedding shoes forever, perhaps just to look at from time to time. But some also like to wear them again and again. If it means you can get more wear out of them, consider having them dyed black after your wedding. You might like to keep them for special occasions like anniversaries as they become a perfect memento of your special day.